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Chief Empress


Pedigree profile of Chief Empress xx

Chief Empress, or Topsy, as she is known is one of a handful of thoroughbred mares in RSA ever to have received premium status with the SAWHS. It was hence an easy decision, to have her on loan from her owner Mrs Danika Vermaak for breeding purposes. She has already produced two fillies, which will be retained by the stud as replacement fillies. One being Smitten by Capriccio and the other Rivendell Cinnamon by Rivendell Sirandipity.

Topsy has other offspring, who have done very well in the competition arena in various disciplines, but mainly show-jumping and eventing.

Sire Chief warden xx, sired amongst others the horse Rouward ridden by Lisa Williams.

Damsire Royal Prerogative, is an even more well-known thoroughbred sire in competition thoroughbreds. He produced horses with a lot of scope in jumping, but passed on movement as well.

Chief Empress


Standing beside the mare in stocks while the vet is scanning, willing and hoping to see that highly-respected black dot on the screen is when it all starts.

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