In my opinion a mare counts for at least 75% of the foal she is producing. 50% generically and the other at least 25% from nurturing in utero as well as during lactation. I was extremely fortunate to come across amazing broodmares, which I personally selected based on pedigree, conformation and a gut feeling. A personal connection with each and every one of them. I always promised my mares that I would do right by them. I personally make sure that their manes and tails are neat and tidy and spend quality time with each and every one of them. The greatest honor they bestow on me is during parturition when they allow me to help them and their new-born foal, knowing full well that they can trust me implicitly. It’s a privilege every single time. I believe that a good mare needs to give to her foal in numerous ways, and I am very strict in selecting also on mothering behaviour which has a strong heritability factor.

Mares must have a consolidated pedigree, thereby decreasing the risk factor of breeding something undesirable and increasing the chance of breeding another champion. A good mare will produce a good foal from most stallions.

My top mares, which have proven themselves by means of their progeny are: StPrSt Calvyra Z, StPrSt Celine Dion, StPrSt Zivana, Dageraad Britta, Quintet, Carla.

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