As soon as all foals have been weaned from the previous season, I am already thinking of which matings I am planning for the next season. My boards are written months before the breeding season starts and discussions had with my reproductive vet as to embryo transfers etc. That is how excited I still get after 20 years of doing this. When it comes to the actual breeding season, I get very excited and or very disappointed when there is or is not a black dot indicating a new pregnancy.
I always try my best to be there for the birth of every foal. I love being there for the mare, as well as getting to know the foal immediately as its reactions and actions can tell me so much already. Instinctively I know which ones I will want to keep and those I will sell.
I wish I could make time fly and see what each foal will develop into. Unfortunately in this business, a lot of heartache is associated as there will be times when something goes wrong and a youngster does not get to grow old. Tough part of what I have chosen to do.

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